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I am here to help you translate documents written in Old German Script into English or modern German.

Many old German documents exist in homes, churches, and archives but they were written centuries ago. The general public of today is unable to decipher and to read them and with time going by, there are fewer and fewer people available to transcribe the treasures.

I was taught in school to write and read Sütterlin Script, the German handwriting, as well as the Kurrentschrift, used in printed materials before 1950. During my early school years I was exposed to and used Script and Fraktur exclusively. Old German Script has not been taught in German speaking countries since 1952 and the vast majority of native Germans are unable to read and write it today.

I provide transcriptions and tranlations of Old German Script, like Sütterlin and Fraktur, into modern German language. I also translate the deciphered German script into American English.


"I invite you to contact me about your writing samples. It will be my pleasure to work with you."