Many old German documents exist in homes, churches, and archives but they were written centuries ago. The general public of today is unable to decipher and to read them and with time going by, there are fewer and fewer people available to transcribe the treasures.

My name is Klaus Kolb. I was taught in school to write and read Sütterlin Script, the German handwriting, as well as the Kurrentschrift, used in printed materials before 1950. During my early school years I was exposed to and used Script and Fraktur exclusively. Old German Script has not been taught in German speaking countries since 1952 and the vast majority of native Germans are unable to read and write it today.

Typically translate old German from handwritten or printed text from sources including:


Modern German to American English Letters, Post Cards, Historical Documents, Wills, Inheritance Documents, and more…Translation Submission Guidelines

Documents are to be submitted to my office by email or regular mail. Submitted copies must be clearly readable and will be used for evaluation of the work involved and for establishing the transcription and/or translation fee. The contents of documents and owner data are treated as confidential and will not being made available to third parties

Documents will be returned by request only.


I was born in Saxony, Germany, schooled in former Silesia, Germany and attended Mechanical Engineering College in Meissen, Saxony, Germany.

As a machinery erector and later as sales engineer for textile machinery, I worked in Austria and Switzerland, learning their regional German dialects including Schwyzerduetsch  (Swiss German), followed by work assignments throughout the world.

My professional career included 20 years as president of a German owned machinery company in South Carolina, USA and 18 years as president of a German owned textile manufacturing plant in South Carolina, USA.

My responsibilities included constant translations of technical, accounting and medical text and speech since 1965, translating German to English and translating English to German, including simultaneous translations during international conferences.

I was recently a technical consultant for assembling and troubleshooting geodesic dome home kits manufactured by a company in Florida, USA. In this capacity I traveled worldwide.

I am presently a full time writer, documenting my life under twelve flags. The first of my books Twelve Flags, One Life is available at PAPERBACK   or   KINDLE.

Translation Fees

For documents written in Old German Script (handwriting): $.20 per German word or $40.00 per hour for very difficult documents; $.15 per German word for printed Fraktur

For documents written in today’s script or in print:

$.12 per German word

Upon review of document content and clarity, a recommendation of the favorable, the least expensive pricing mode (per word or per hour) will be submitted to the document owner. Extremely difficult documents may have to be worked on for an estimated time.

I also translate English into German!

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